Voyager 1 LECP Main Supplemental Heater Turn Off May 16, 2021 - 136T23:45 SCET

NEW! Scan Average Rate Plots

Plots of Singles, Eβ, Eβ' and PL Rates Rate Boundaries

Plots of detector matrices before and after heater turn off and after D2 turn off.

Comparison of Spectral plots with 2012 and 2022 ivf files

V1_Temperatures V1V2_Temperatures

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V1 Singles Rates After D2 Turned Off on Nov 12 Thru Dec 29, 2021

PHA Plots
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Rate 3 PHAs (id 042, 142) in Step 8 Within 10 Channels of Their Median Values
Mostly Responding to the Alpha Source

V1_Step8_042_D1D5_D2_PHAs_1mrt V1_Step8_142_D1D5_D2_PHAs_1mrt V1_D1aD2_PHAs_Hist_b4 V1_D1aD2_PHAs_Hist_aftr V1_D1bD2_PHAs_Hist_b4 V1_D1bD2_PHAs_Hist_aftr V1_Step8_042_D1D5_PHAs_1day_median V1_Step8_042_D1D5_PHAs_1day_mean

All Rate 3 PHAs (id 042, 142) in Step 8

D1a Only

V1_RateCh3_D2D1D5a_2021-03-01-05-16 V1_RateCh3_D2D1D5a_2021-05-19-11-11

D1b Only

V1_RateCh3_D2D1D5b_2021-03-01-05-16 V1_RateCh3_D2D1D5b_2021-05-19-11-11

CH31 D4D3 PHAs (id o052) in Steps 123567
2D Gaussian Fits to PHAs in the Black Boxes

V1_RateCh31_052_2021-05-01-05-16 V1_RateCh31_052_2021-05-19-11-11 V1_RateCh31_052_2021-11-12-01-01