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Voyager LECP Data

University of Maryland Space Physics Group

This website presents flux averages from the Low Energy Charged Particle instruments on Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. The PHA data (pulse height analysis) from the LECP instruments have been analyzed to compute 26-day, 52-day, and annual flux averages for several species as a function of energy.

All data returned in the Cruise 5a format are included. The covered time period is Day 228, 1990 to the present. No planetary flybys are included. Plots are updated automatically when new LECP MRT data appear on the JHU/APL LECP server. This occurs approximately weekly.

Two types of plots are available: time-intensity plots and spectra plots.

Time-intensity plots are shown for H, He, C, and O for three energy ranges near 1 MeV, 6 MeV, and 25 MeV. Click on the top link in the navigation menu on the left side of this page to obtain thumbnail plots of all species for both V1 and V2. Click on the thumbnail to obtain a larger plot. From this frame you may choose plots of 52-day or annual averages, or zoom in on data from 2000 to the present.

Spectra plots are selected by spacecraft, averaging interval, and year in the navigation menu.

The bottom section in the navigation menu allows LECP team members to either view in the browser or download gzipped text files of the Master Database Files containing the data for all the spectra. A username and password are required. Beware: the 26-day and 52-day files are very large.

Data quality warning: In order to automate these mission plots, no background corrections are made. There are known issues for some of the species at some energies. Energy intervals were chosen for the time-intensity plots for which background corrections are thought to be small in most cases. Users of the data should be in contact with knowledgeable LECP team members.

This Voyager LECP website is maintained by the University of Maryland Space Physics Group

Scientific contact: Douglas C. Hamilton
Software maintenance: Scott Lasley