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Contains the telemetry mode


Spacecraft Identification - identifies the spacecraft transmitting this data
1=Voyager 1
0=Voyager 2

Spacecraft Event Time - contains the Greenwich Mean Time of the readout of the first bit of the first spacecraft minor frame used in this LECP major frame

3 SCETH Spacecraft Event Time, Hour - number of hours since the beginning of the current year plus 24. For the one hour interval Jan 1, 0000-0059 UT, SCET=24. The Day of Year may be computed using DAY=(SCETH/24).
4 SCETS Spacecraft Event Time Sec - is the number of seconds since the beginning of the current hour
5 SCETMS Spacecraft Event Time, Milliseconds - is the number of milliseconds since the beginning of the current second
6 SCETY Spacecraft Event Time, Year - contains the last two digits of the current year (i.e., 77, 78)
7 NSMR Number of Supplemental Records - specifies the number of supplemental records that will follow the current record.
8 SCETF Spacecraft Event Time Flag - indicates that the spacecraft clock has been corrected in some manner in the J.P.L. processing. Bit 0 indicates correction to the line counter (0=none, 1=corrected), bit 1 the MOD60 counter and bit 2 the MOD216counter.
9 MOD216 Mod216 Spacecraft Clock Word - contains the spacecraft Mod216 word for the first minor frame of the current record. This word is incremented every 48 minutes on the overflow of the Mod60 counter.
10 MOD60 Mod60 Spacecraft Clock Word - contains the spacecraft Mod60 word for the first minor frame of the current record. It has a range of 0 to 59 and is incremented every 48 seconds at the overflow of the line counter.
11 LC Spacecraft Line Counter - contains the line count for the first minor frame in the current record. LC ranges from 1 to 80010 and is incremented every 0.06 seconds.
12 S1 LECP Status Word 1
13 S2 LECP Status Word 2
14 S3 LECP Status Word 3
15 S4 LECP Status Word 4
16 S5 LECP Status Word 5
17 S6 LECP Status Word 6
18 MP LECP Motor Position - contains the motor position at the end of the current record.  Bit 0 (LSB) is set if the motor is centered, bits 1-3 contain the motor position (0=sector 1, ..., 7=sector 8).  If the motor position is unknown MP=-1.
19 NMF Number of Minor Frames - contains the number of minor frames used to make up the current LECP record.
20 LATEMP LECP Log. Amp. Temperature - contains the log. amp. temp (Co) x 128. If the temperature is unknown LATEMP = -9999
21 TTEMP LECP Telescope Temperature - contains the telescope temperature (Co) x 128. If the temperature is unknown TTEMP= -9999.
22 NPHA Number of PHA Readouts - contains the number of PHA readouts in the current major frame.
23 NG Number Groups - indicates the number of rate groups included in the current major frame.
24 MRT/MPT/SEDR Master Rate Tape/Master Pulse Tape - indicates whether this record is a master rate or master pulse record.
01 = Master Rate Record, 02 = Master Pulse Record, 04 = SEDR, 10 = ENG, 11 = CAL
25 VN Version number - indicates the version of S1P used to process the current data.

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